I’m nearly 24 now. Now that I think about it… music has been has been a huge part of my life for over half of my life. Around the age of 12 was when I was really introduced to music and became hooked to the feeling it gave me. Unknowingly, the vibrations that music has to offer took hold of me and hasn’t let go of me until this day. I’m always looking and waiting for that next masterpiece to be made that puts me thorough a whole new experience. It’s a drug. The best one there is. Vibrations. Little vibrations that our eardrums pickup for our brain to process and make us feel good. Hahaha. Not only the vibrations but the poetry and storytelling that some music comes with. If the sound is good AND the poetry over it is interesting, THAT is where music is at its best in my opinion. When an artist can combine the two, and it makes sense, that’s what really impresses me… the art of combining music and vocals. That doesn’t mean I don’t like any other kind of music. That’s just the music that seems to move me the most.

I wouldn’t say I’m a music expert by any means. I do kind of have a somewhat narrowed interest in music, and I’m not so much of a music historian. I’ve always just been interested in the NOW… what ever is NEW. So I guess my music “knowledge” started with whatever was playing around 12 years ago… I have nothing against oldies or any music before then. I just find that new music is more exciting. It’s exciting to see the evolution of music and what that next sound will be. I have found that music IS in fact evolving and getting more creative… It’s 2016 now!!! Were learning and evolving from the past, and I think it’s a really exciting time in music! It seems like more effort is being spent on every little detail to give listeners the most intense “vibrational” experience they can get! Hahaha. From the beat making, vocals, and the engineering behind all of it. I think overall the music experience artists are offering now is becoming more complete. A lot of music in the late 2000’s seemed like it got kind of dull and “lazy”… it just didn’t seem like there was very much creativity coming out… artists were just kind of doing what everyone else was doing, And it started to get “corny”. And it seems like now the young up and coming artists saw that and really started to create their own lane or culture. They’re starting fresh. Artists are now kind of going against the grain of the industry norms and doing it “their way”. Creating their own label, making there own beats, doing their own videos, marketing, ect. It’s becoming more “organic”, which is where true art comes from. Which is resulting in a new and fresh wave of creativity coming from this generation. I think this new generation is trying to show the world that we need to live fearless. That’s what this generation is all about. Living and telling our truths. Be FEARLESS. Do whatever your heart tells you is right and don’t look back. It’s the “I don’t give a F#@K! I’ll do what I want!” attitude. And it feels good hahaha. It’s that kind of energy that is coming out of this generation and it shows in the music. It’s exciting.

Personally, I think music is the BEST medium for this expression. The vibrations the actual sounds offer, can kind of open an artist up to allow that message or fire they have inside to come through. I’ve been traveling out of the US a bit as of late and one of the things I have observed is that music really is a “UNIVERSAL” language. It makes EVERYONE feel good! We all can relate to music. I’ve found myself in clubs or concerts, filled with people from all over the world, and a song will play that EVERYONE can relate to! It’s amazing! Not many other things in this world can do something like that. We can all put our differences aside for that 3-4 minutes and just enjoy that moment. Hahaha! It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. One of my favorite musicians said something in his most recent album that really resonated with me. He said “In my opinion the only hope that we kinda have left is music and vibrations, a lot of people don’t understand how important it is. Sometimes I can get behind a mic and I don’t know what type of energy I’m gonna push out, or where it comes from, it trips me out sometimes.” Then his good friend says “that’s the spirits, we ain’t even really rapping, we just letting dead homies tell stories to us.” I thought that was very eye opening. There is something about music and vibrations that awakens that dormant soul or energy inside of us. And 12 years ago when I was introduced to music, that is the exact feeling that I had. And I think everyone has the same feeling when they hear their favorite song or music.
I find it very interesting. Sound. Its something that comes from a speaker that you cant see. It’s just very subtle vibrations traveling through the air into our ears. And these vibrations create a whole other universe or experience in ourselves. Or I like to think it “brings out” the dormant universe within ourselves . Just like he said is the song “that’s just the spirits, we ain’t even really rapping.” I strongly believe music is in fact very spiritual, or rather a key that unlocks our spirituality. It’s the “high” feeling we get when we listen. But I think its more than just our brain releasing high levels of serotonin or whatever that makes us “high”… I think there is something mysteriously spiritual about music, and we all don’t really understand quite what that is. Because it’s not measurable and “scientific”. Not only current musicians talk about this sort of thing, but even going back to artists like the Beatles talk about this. (See.. I know some history.. ) Music unlocks something deep inside of all of us, whether we realize it or not. It’s relates to the same reason why we are so inspired by musicians. We admire how they open up and make music telling their truths and their vulnerability. Musicians are fearless, which we LOVE! It’s inspiring. And it’s with the music medium that really catalyzes that fearless mentality. It brings it out of us. It shows us our real selves. It’s amazingly mysterious in my opinion.

Music has made this sort of effect on me my whole life, and I think it does with everyone else as well, whether they realize it or not. I’ve always tried to integrate music into my life any way I can. I’ve taken piano lessons, tried making beats for fun, make extensive playlists of my favorite music, collecting music, sharing music with friends. I just LOVE music to be some integrated into my life in some type of way. And I want to be able to share my love for it with other people. SO I said “what the heck!” I’m just gonna start writing my thoughts down about my perspective on music, share my “music life”, and maybe people can relate and enjoy what I share… And maybe other people can share their “music life” as well! And we can all live happily ever after sharing and listening to good music!!! oh…. and sound quality and experience matters!! Haha. Check out my new project… Mulberriii Music…

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